Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Haunting...a Halloween Centerpiece ~ and a new Publication

I had sooooooooo much FUN making this project!!!

It's got a little bit of everything in it from wooden dolls on the roof to a blinking light-up pumpkin for a skeleton to perch on.

This is the front view of the piece. It's on a wooden platform I was going to use to make an encaustic project.

This is a birdhouse, of course, with the holes covered up.

Strips and layers of paper go on after the house was painted...wait for it...wait for it....BLACK!


This is the left side with the skull beads heads plugged up using Liquid Pearls...kind of a reverse lobotomy so to speak.

Here's the right side, more layers, chipboard, and all the images have been enhanced with pens. Especially the figures. Add shadows for depth.

I found the Pumpkin lantern and little items at Gordman's and the skeleton at Michael's.

These are wooden pieces painted with Pumpkin, Key Lime, and Daffodil Liquid Pearls and black pen.

This top piece is made from chipboard that I learned to make at Gentleman Jim's blog here!!! Thanks so much to Jim. I had to make the top ridge flat in order to add the little wooden ghouls.

It's nothing compared to what he makes, the man is brilliant I tell ya,  but it worked, and for that I am thankful to him!

A little vial of Arsenic has Rust Alcohol Ink in it to color.

Tim Holtz bats from the Bewitching Hour die  are seen here and there cut from chipboard.

The little toothpicks have holes drilled into the base to hold up the sign.

Glittery Spiders add a bit of Glitz!

This is the base with the 4 layers of paper just to show you how it started.  (night shot)

I painted the base with Claudine's Landscape Green Studio paint, then added a black glaze to dull it.

Crushed Olive Distress Stickles are added before the Halloween paper strip is inked with green pen and glued.

The fence posts are made with Cracker Barrel toothpicks. You can see the cool tops on the one by the lantern best. They really were perfect to hold up the fence.

I've added lots of pen to change or add colors to the papers wherever I needed contrast, and dots to fill up space on the front doorway.

Otherwise, the Graphic 45 Happy Haunting Paper Collection is what's used here...and one piece from Communique Collection.

Their papers are always PERFECT!

*Today was a great day.*

 I got my new Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.

Now, I know I'm a bit biased, but this issue is AMAZING...if you love Assemblage Art, it's a must!

I'm just sayin' there are some great projects in here that you'll LOVE.

Having said that...I am thrilled to say, I have 5 pages of instructions, pictures, products and tips so you can make a piece like the one below.

NEXT, they have 30 Artist's that donated 5x5 and 8x8 works to auction off for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can purchase them at later this month.

Anyway, mine is a 5x5 roughly framed Acrylics and paper on canvas using images from Graphic 45's Steampunk collection.

It's pictured in this publication along with lots and lots of other pieces you can have for your very own...while giving to a great cause, as well.

SOOOOOOOOOO, since I get a subscription anyway, and they send me more, I think someone out there might want one of these magazines for FREE, too!

Just leave a comment, and we'll draw for a winner.
And if you already have subscription, hey, just say so, and we won't put you in the drawing.

Or just say hi!

And we'll take comments for a couple more days to win the Ladies' Journal paper pad, too.

Be Well,



  1. I'm here with a cup of coffee and a croissant poring over each photo. Your spooky house is gorgeous, the canvas is beautiful and I have never seen an American craft publication so would be thrilled to be in your draw and see more of your work. My lovely 14 year old has just started a blog... I will show her this today

  2. Absolutely AMAZING, the detail is out of this world and your attention to detail is amazing. Love love all your spooky embellishments and the little light up pumpkin is perfect. Beautiful and outstanding way to showcase Halloween. Love your other projects too, you are one very talented lady. Tracy x x

  3. both projects are amazing and full of
    detail! I am always inspired by your gorgeous creations. These are no exception. I love your altered art piece! Congrats on getting published!

  4. Linda...where do I start? OMG...that Graphic 45 Halloween piece is just jaw dropping! must sit up nights thinking of this stuff! It's absolutely incredible! I love every little nook and cranny of it! Congrats on the publication in such a cool magazine! I would love to win your extra copy! Fingers crossed. If not, I'll have to go get one...that magazine looks too cool to not have! And, I'd love to see your layout. I also love your art piece donated for breast cancer. A beautiful piece for such a worth cause. Congrats on all of your work!! <3 Candy

  5. I am unfamiliar with this magazine and it looks fabulous! I would love to have a copy to "check it out"!!! AND, your house is amazing!! I cannot believe how awesome it is!! The paper is a MUST HAVE for me.

  6. No words to describe your art! Just over the top amazing is the best I can do at the moment.

  7. Your projects are AMAZING! I would love to see an issue of CPS--I've never seen that magazine around! Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. OMG, Linda!!!! OMG! Your art is out of this world!!!! WowWowWOW!!!!!!!

  9. This is so cool that I am speechless!! Gorgeous and fun!! I want to buy a birdhouse and make something cool with it!! You are in an inspiration!!

  10. just sitting here shakin' my head.....the depths of your creativity is mind blowing!!
    still giggling about the reverse lobotomy!!! heheheeh

  11. Oh my gosh!! Your project is amazing!!! You have a great deal of talent. Congratulations on being published too. Love all of the halloween embellishments too!

  12. Linda!

    Holy Moly! That haunted house piece is stunning! I am drooling here, absolutely beautiful! You are just something else.
    Congratulations on having your work in the magazine.

    Elaine Allen

  13. It's apparent that you don't LOL! I think this is now my fave piece of yours, right up there with that pulley wagon. Absolutely incredible! Oh, as I stated, I just got my issue of CPS, so don't need to include me..unless you're drawing for the Halloween that case, I'm totally in. You're not? Really? LOL!

  14. Oh my giddy aunt Linda, this is epically awesome! Totally blown away by this. I want it! Michelle x

  15. Wow...this WAS a busy day for you! Love the Halloween theme and good for you to be in CPS!

  16. I recently found you and am blown away by your Halloween piece. I never would have guessed that it started out as a bird house. The acrylic art is so beautiful. I am off to read thru your older posts to see what other works of art you have created. BTW you are as good as Jim I think, thanks for the chance to win the mag.

    Lisa Torres

  17. Lord love a duck! This project is just so fun to explore. I love all your work because you can never see it all at first glance. You need to look at it inch by inch to appreciate it all.Congrats on being in CPS. Can't wait to see.
    As ever,thanks for sharing.

  18. Hah! I had that skeleton in my hand just hours ago. I knew I should have snagged him.I got too obsessed with looking for the best teeth. Lol.

  19. Wow, your Halloween project is out of this world. You pulled out all the stops on this one. Love your cart as well. Congratulations on being published--again.

  20. How thrilling to be published!! You do such amazing work-I am not surprised. Your Graphic 45 piece is totally off the hook!
    Love seeing your work.

  21. This is totally amazing, i love halloween but its not celebrated as much in the U K as America so finding stuff is not easy so in the hope you wont be offended i would love to do something similar,it's reallytickled my fancy,luv Georginax

  22. Hey Linda,
    I don't have a subscription to the magazine and would love to win a copy.....Looks interesting! Also put me down for the Ladies Journal paper pad as well, Can always use more paper and more inspiration. Love all the things you do, poured over your blog looking at all the Halloween items you made......absolutely inspirational as usual....Wonderful to see you got published!!! You so richly deserve that. Love seeing what you make, Love ya, RaNae

  23. What a fantastic Halloween creation! Loving all the details like the arsenic and toothpick fence... so creative! I subscribe to CPS so don't put my name in the hat.... can't wait till my issue arrives. Congratulations on the publication and Kudos on making a piece for the BCA auction... you are a doll to donate your time and energy for that.

  24. Put my name in the drawing, please. I love looking at art and craftiness of all sorts. I am going to check out that auction, because I would LOVE to own a Linda Cain original!

  25. Oh my, your haunting house is absolutely amaaaaazing!! I am totally in awe. It must have taken you a long, long time to create this, but it was well worth it. All those litte details. Just fantastic! Sure looks like you had a lot of fun with this project. Love it!

  26. Congratulation on your published!!! How exciting is that...I don't think I can get this my area...will have to look....
    I absolutely love your centerpiece....and the details are fabulous!!! And I bet it looks gorgeous on your table.....thank you so much for sharing this with us....

  27. Linda, I can't get over how amazing this is!! I could look at it all day long and still not see all the perfect details. LOVE it! And congrats on the publication!! That piece is another one of my all-time favorites. I do believe I actually gasped in amazement the first time I saw it!! Wish I could see the Halloween piece in person some day. I'm sure there would be much more gasping. :)

  28. I adore your Halloween house!! It is fabulous. And congrats on being in the current CPS publication. They did a nice job on the article. (Don't put me in for the drawing as I subscribe>)

  29. Amazing House Linda! YAHOOOOO! loved each and every detail. Still trying to get over the awesome pumpkins finials! How you painted them was INCREDIBLE! Thanks for the mention on the top piece love! You Rocked it!

    As Always another masterpiece!


  30. Hi Omgosh love it! Jim sent me over to see it & it is incredible! I love Halloween anyway & this is so perfect for it!

  31. Linda, this piece is Amazing, love all the detail! Shari (cricutrookie)

  32. Congrats, Linda!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting!!! I got my copy sometime this past week but hadn't even had a chance to open it. You wagon is amazing!!! I'm looking at the pics now and will read the article later!! I am soooooooo thrilled for you!!!!

  33. Just saw it and read it....fanfreakinglastic!!!!

  34. Jim sent me!!!! love your spooky house....just love all the embellishments on it!!! Soooooo cute!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. A friend sent me an extra copy of this issue and it is always so exciting to see names of people whose work you admire. But then to see that amazing Gypsy Wagon that I was nearly drooling over at CHA get such a luxurious spread - well that was just fabulous. I was singing to myself - HEY I SAW THAT WAGON IN PERSON! The wagon is such a fantastic, detailed, inspired work of fabulous art and the magazine was very smart to give you such a well-deserved spread :)

    1. Pam,
      You quite simply made my day! Thank you so much!

  37. Linda!! you are an amazing knock my socks off!! heheheh. I would love to see your work in print, thanks for the chance :) I will keep an eye on your blog from now on...

  38. Am I too late? I'd love to have a copy of this magazine. You made such beautiful goodies!

  39. Oh my WORD! Incredibly fun and detailed, love every smidge. I love the brilliant colors, tiny details (even describing the toothpicks, TY!), and the over all fabulousness. Congrats on your publishing, I can see why you have 5 pages in an outstanding mag such as Cloth Paper Scissors. Very generous of you to donate your beautiful piece for teh National Breast Cancer Foundation too! I hope a boatload was raised. I do not have a subscription, but pick issues up on occassion. I would love this issue, so thank you very much for the chance! If I missed the drawing, congrats to the winner. I hope you are inspired. :)


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