Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exploding Picture Box from Retro Cafe ART

What's new and exciting??? I'm designing for Retro Cafe ART!!!!! 
  I am so LOVIN' working with Retro Cafe Art substrates....this, my friends is the
Victorian Exploding Picture Box!

And it is amazing!
UPDATE!!! The link above takes you to the Medium Box Kit (as shown)...the wooden blocks, base and top are all from Hobby Lobby. Sorry for any confusion!
I will show you several steps to creating this piece...but first see the wooden base is painted with Ivy Green Liquid Pearls.
The 5 Wooden Blocks are painted with the Chestnut Liquid Pearls. They are glued to the round base to form a platform.  Get it???

You take the top off....and it EXPLODES to this really cool foldout.

This is one layer of the foldout section covered with Tissue Wrap. (Bottom inside section)

The bottom outside of the inner section was painted with Snowflake and various colors of orange Fresco Finish Paints from PaperArtsy.

Then I stamped with Jet Black Archival Ink using Tim Holtz, Lynne Perrella, PaperArtsy Hot Picks, and Graphic 45 stamps.
I'm telling you, stamping on Fresco Paints is AMAZING!

Then Graphic 45 Streampunk papers (and others) on the reverse side of the Tissue Paper layer.(the bottom outside)
Last, the Copper from Paper Artsy was embossed through the Vagabond and sanded to reveal the silver base. I added them with Wonder Tape.
Lots of Idea-ology pieces, Faucet Knobs, a Clock Key, a Locket Key, a Timepiece Watchface, etc,   were colored with Alcohol Inks and attached.
Penwork here and there, and the Lady Postage Stamps from G45 are added to the Tissue Wrap layer. I added a bit of color with Pine Needles Distress Ink.
The bottles were filled with micro beads, pearls, and sand. Then I glued different paper labels to them and tied waxed linen and colored wire around the tops.
Once you have the 2 layers all decorated the way you like, you can use foam tape to adhere them at the centers.
This is the lid before it's glued together. I always add black to the edges of most everything.
If you've taken my classes, you know I am addicted to the Sharpie Chisel Tip Markers.
The unfinished edge (shown here) was covered with more embossed Copper Metal.
The little wooden top is painted with Liquid Pearls and a black permanent marker before it's glued into place. It's hollow so it worked great...it's from the Wood Shop.
 This whole kit comes flat and you can decorate it before it's glued together.
 Makes it so easy to stamp and paint.
This is a view of the inside as it opens. See how nice the stamping shows up on the Fresco Paint?
 The blocks used as a base raise this up so you can see it better. ( Not part of kit)
I made a video to show you this opening...it's my first one on the blog, so if it doesn't work very well, I'll just have to keep trying. Click the arrow to start it.
Not very clear, I've tried several settings...you'll just have to use your imagination....
Have a good one! And let me know what you think!


  1. Linda, this is beyond fabulous!

  2. Wow, that is completely stunning & utterly gorgeous.

  3. Gorgeous, Linda, I love it - and I hope you do more videos! I knew you'd love Fresco paint.... it is my favourite paint in the world right now!!

  4. Wow... completely stunning! Hadn't discovered Retro Cafe Art... another amazing store for me to envy from over here in the UK!!
    Alison x

  5. Linda this is AMAZING!!! My mind is going into overdrive thinking of the paper stash I have and which paper I would use to make this. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I will check out your video too.

  6. very cool, I love it. wow I don't know what else to say.

  7. Incredible project...you made me order from Retro Cafe...such an enabler ;)

  8. This is so amazing. Is this a kit that can be ordered? If so how and from whom?

    1. Click on the link fir the box and it takes you right there!

  9. Great project and the video was cool...short but cool. It at least demonstrated the exploding feature! And I always LOVE anything made with my wonderful G45 papers and accessories! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your creativity is amazing! I love this absoloutly gorgeous and fun!
    Hugs Kelly

  11. Linda
    This is just AWESOME! Really love the colors and thought that went into this project. I always like you work but this one is just "OVER THE TOP"

  12. This is an amazing project. Love what you have done! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I think it's totally fabulous! Fabulous isn't strong enough...it's over the top! And Congratulations on designing for retro art, I love their stuff too...have some and need to use it...lol..

  14. Love it Linda, just ordered a kit. Then I need to find paper. Then I need to find time to do it.

    Linda Polaretzki

  15. I couldn't open the video, but I can see it would be spectacular! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! WOW!

  16. My hat is off to you -- amazing project! I love Paper Artsy's collection of Lynne Perella stamps but do not love the idea of paying for shipping from the UK. Do they have any U.S. Domestic suppliers for their line?

  17. Here is what I know:

    Stamp Diva : Ink and the Dog,
    Urban Snapshots, Lynne Perrella, Hot Picks

    The Occasional Artist : Hot Picks,
    Minis, JoFY, Lynne Perrella

    And I've asked a couple of other places to look into her FABULOUS stamps!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your reply -- super helpful! I appreciate your time.

  18. Wow....what a masterpiece! I love how interactive it is, and how many different forms of media/crafting you were able to employ here. The embossed copper is gorgeous!

  19. Fantastic project -do you ever sleep???

    1. Too funny! I take my nap before I get out of bed every morning, it saves time!


  20. Linda, you are awesome. What a busy lady you have been.

  21. Oh Linda this is jaw dropping incrediable!! Gorgeous!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. Linda _ Iwas so excited to see that you were going to be a guest at Paper Artsy! I've been collecting their stamps and paints for several years now (averting my yes from the shipping costs) and I love all your creations. What a great marriage th two will be.
    Love the exploding box - you did a great job demystifying how to build it and I'm off to vist Retro Cafe. Copper metal looks wonderful.

  23. Linda, I must say I don't leave comments here as often as I used to because I "like" everything of yours on FB instead. Your work is beyond awesome. Have fun at CHA!

  24. I made a square box within a box - exploding just like this. It was fun to make and I still haven't added all the pictures to it. It was a box about my little niece.

  25. Oh Wow Linda, flippin amazing! I am always amazed at just how much work goes into your designs, this exploding box is so cool, love the stamping and the distressing, and the two bottles are fab. Michelle x

  26. This IS amazing...and the video worked for me too. Wow!

  27. Fabulous and every detail is uber creative. Brilliant fun. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  28. Linda this is amazing! I LOVE LOVE it! <3 Candy

  29. This is awesome! I adore Graphics 45 stuff! And Hobby Lobby is out of this world!


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